Launch Beatford   (28 - 9 - 2009)

In a couple of months a classic Bedford is transformed to a unique mobile DJ stage. The Bedford is build in 1970 as an ambulance at a military airport in Germany. It's one of the latest in his series and has the characteristic shapes of the 60s.

After nearly 40 years the Bedford ambulance gets a new life as a stage for DJ's. Saturday 26th of September Beatford was launched at a special party at the Veerplas in Haarlem. Four DJ's spinned their best beats and a live saxophonist intensified the beautiful late summer evening.

The ambulance has been renovated, but the characteristic of the years 60 and 70 retained. In particular, the major front of the car is very reminiscent of the cars from movies like Grease. Initiator DJKES (Wouter van Kesteren): "I was playing around with the idea for two years. Earlier this year I found this Bedford on the web and my doubt disappeared! "

The car is rebuild with much help from friends. To serve as DJ stage a platform is build into the car. Through a large roof opening DJ's can use the equipment on the roof. A tentroof with lighting completes the stage.

The main colors and striking yellow and orange stickers give the mobile DJ stage the perfect summer look. Actually, Beatford must provide every festival and beach party the best beats!

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